Friday Blitz – Superhero Dogs!

To end this week’s dogsinmasks Superhero theme…I give you a Friday blitz of dogs from around the Internet…dressed as our favorite crimefighters.

The Green Lantern… (Do you think this Corgi might have been a better casting choice over Ryan Reynolds?)

…But let’s not forget about our web-slinging hounds!


….or MY Captain America!!



But I wouldn’t want to be a bad guy caught in a dark alley with this Batman….

…or this one (I really do think this one is channeling Christian Bale)…

But this…..THIS….. may be THE MOST intimidating Batman I’ve ever seen in my life!


The Dark Knight

I don’t know if my dog likes this mask or is just mortified.  You’d think if he hated it he’d paw it off or shake his head to get the mask off.  But no, he just stands there, still as can be.

The Dark Knight

I wonder what he’s thinking?  “If I stand here long enough, maybe I’ll turn invisible?”  “Oh, the indignity!”  Or maybe he’s just silently whispering to us in that breathy Michael Keaton voice….”I’m Batman….”